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Trades, Logistics, Buy/Sells & Monetization

The Global Consultancy Advisory Group provides clients that have an established relationship with financial institutions and platforms its cash backed instruments to operate his/her own trades.

We provide fresh cut Bank Guarantees, Standby Letters of Credit, Bank Drafts, Blocked Funds and Cash as collateral.

We deliver through the swift system via MT799/MT760, MT799/MT110, MT103/202 as well as through Euroclear.

We offer import/export with redemption recovery & logistics management ranging from $5,000,000 to $5,000,000,000. 

Through our trades, logistics, buy/sells and monetization, the client will be able to acquire financial instruments issued from top-rated banks backed by cash. Our instruments can be used to activate new and existing credit lines as well as secure a variety of private placement platforms and transactions.

1. The instruments are offered as over the counter or OTC instruments. This means that majority of the instruments are issued as title ownership. The client will pay a reservation deposit to retain the title and ownership of the bank instrument being issued.

2. We provide logistics financing and redemption recovery against goods being imported/exported cross borders. We offer risk management protection to buyers and sellers to have goods safely transported. Our financing allows the client to protect his/her earnings and profits from loss as well as the seller cash inheritance.

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