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Progressive Management Plan

The Global Management Center offers a Progressive Management Plan that protects the borrowing and lending against transactional risk or any risk related transaction. 

A Progressive Management Plan provides clients with alternative borrowing and lending solutions to obtain logistics and financial management against their transactions without risk. 

The plan is simple. It provides clients the opportunity to protect their borrowing and lending against transactional risk. This means that the client is covered against risk related transactions.

A Progressive Management Plan provides guaranteed logistics and financial management and borrowing and lending protection against risk related transactions. It allows the client to self-direct against borrowed or financed capital on qualified transactions. It manages the transactional risk against the value of project developments, sales/acquisitions, imports/exports and small businesses. 

Offers 100% in transactional funding, borrowing and lending protection against any risk related transaction.

Protects the borrowing and lending against transactional risk receiving logistics and financial management.

Provides comfort and stability against each risk related transaction managed and is a win-win across the board.

A Progressive Management Plan is best applied when used in the initial stage against any risk related transaction. The plan allows the client to borrow or lend against transactional risk throughout the stages until completion and enter into a contractual obligation without doubts or fear of loss.

The great thing about having a Progressive Management Plan is that the client can borrow or lend against transactional risk efficiently protecting the value receiving logistics and financial management.

The benefits of receiving a Progressive Management Plan are that it mitigates transactional risk against each risk related transaction. The Global Management Center mitigates what is being received as well as what is being given up.