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We're going to tell you about an opportunity that is manifesting wealth beyond imagination. Forget about all the hype that others attempt to persuade you into believing. 

What you're reading is real and reality. The reality is that you bank daily. You already decided to deposit money into a bank and use it for your daily financial purpose. 

However, here’s where it gets real. We're happy that you opened a bank account and you make deposits to your account. We want you to look at the word “deposit” from another perspective. We want you to transform the word “deposit” into invest or loan. 

In your opinion, please advise if you can place a number on this next question. Approximately how much money have you invested or loaned to your bank since the account opening? $1,000, $10,000, $100,000, $1,000,000, $5,000,000, higher? 

The fact is, we're sure that you haven't thought about the monetary accumulation or kept a record of the money that has manifested into your account. Let’s say that you invested or loaned approximately over $1,000,000 over time, how much of your investment or loan was returned in interest? 

What’s the difference between having a wealth institution or bank borrowing your money? The difference is that wealth institutions are not FDIC insured and warn you that your money may lose value and banks are FDIC insured limited and can only protect your cash value up to $250,000. At some point, any person that invest or loans their money wants to see a return on their capital without risk? Wouldn’t you? 

If you’ve answered “yes”, then why not place your money into financial obligations that return interest on your money safely? 

Here’s the million-dollar question, why is your bank banking dollars off your investments and loans and reaping the benefits that you should be receiving? 

We mean if you’re going to finance your capital into the bank, the least your bank can do is pay you an earning interest on your capital. After all, you are the one who is doing the investing and lending. 

We're sure you’re not spending your time figuring out how much money has gone from your hands however, we're sure you’re figuring why your money is not making more money. The answer is simple. You’re investing and lending to the wrong bank. 

What if you could become your own bank and generate monthly income by activating a Progressive Management Plan through a Management and Settlement Account

What if you could obtain all the transactional security of a bank and none of its limitations? 

If that sounds like a great idea, then we have an opportunity to share with you. 

If you privately finance others, why not start your own private bank? 

You’re receiving this information because we share a commonality in the financial arena. Unfortunately, not all financing is created equal. As a client, you can imagine the time and energy it takes to work with borrowers to process the risk associated with each potential transaction financed. 

Unfortunately, there are more risk borrowers than there are not. In other words, to qualify a borrower against your capital is becoming difficult to conduct due to high capital risk exposure. 

If you're finding yourself in a financial challenge and not being able to generate high interest payments due to the lack of credible borrowers, then we have a solution that many clients like yourself are taking advantage of. 

Our financial system provides alternative lending solutions against risk related transaction such as project developments, sales/acquisitions, imports/exports. If you're saying, "wow" then you'll appreciate the opportunity of being able to elevate your income without ever worrying about qualifying borrowers. 

Our system secures capital backed by assets that protect the risk associated with each transaction financed by the client. In other words, each transaction financed by the client is backed by the assets monetized against transactional based contracts. 

Once you're introduced to our system, you will see for yourself that any financial challenges you faced previously have become a thing of the past. We're going to show you a financial system that has given expansion and parameters a whole new meaning. 

This opportunity is shaping the leading industries and its Transactional Lenders to enter into a new revenue stream that will grow and protect your capital without any risk. 

What is a client becoming a Transactional Lender? 

An individual that specializes in asset securitization such as credit lines, insurance line of credits or both against cash. 

This opportunity offers its clients a Progressive Management Plan through a Management and Settlement Account that grows wealth and protects capital against any risk or loss. 

Client Benefits: 

- Eliminate Bank & Borrower Risk Limitations

- Receive Monthly To Annual Interest Payments

- No License Required

Management and Settlement Account Included

- Fiduciary Management Options

- Receive 100% Capital Management That Supersedes FDIC Standard Regulations

- And Much More!!! 

We will accomplish three things: 

1. Grow Wealth and Protect Capital

2. Secure Capital with Cash-able Assets

3. Eliminate Capital Risk Permanently 

Eliminate financial restrictions and begin placing your capital into income generating transactions that guarantee high payments.

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