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Global Income Generation Plan

The Global Consultancy Advisory Group offers its over the top Global Income Generation Plan to private individuals and independent consultants to become a member of our Hedge Partnership Program.

Through a Global Income Generation Plan, you will be able to earn as little or as much income as you see fit. 

Get paid higher than any standard job without any income limitations.

Hedge Partnership Program

We're seeking motivated individuals to earn high potential income.

If you are a business professional and are looking for an opportunity to operate a business within a business, here’s a program that you want to take advantage of.

The Global Consultancy Advisory Group is partnering with business professionals that work with clients on a local and global basis. We are offering business professionals the opportunity to join our Hedge Partner Program as an Account Manager.

An Account Manager is an individual that operates an Account Management System that manages clients introducing loans, trades and platforms to clients that are seeking alternative borrowing, lending and trading solutions. This opportunity is to assist clients to increase business revenue and personal income and resolve or prevent any cash flow issues through our in-house lenders located throughout the United States and abroad.

This opportunity allows the client to pre-qualify themselves and determine the amount of capital the client is able to get approved for. Through an online application process, the client will be able to increase business revenue and personal income with renewal funding options dependent on how the client qualifies.

To become an Account Manager, there’s a one-time $150,000 entry deposit that is paid to establish the partnership. The Account Manager will have direct access to these services internally. No outsourcing required. This opportunity is to provide each Account Manager the confidence of closing each transaction without operating as a broker.

The Account Manager will receive up to $10,000,000 (Ten Million) in hedge capital financing. The Account Manager will receive a cash bonus of $500,000 in the first 90 days. This capital is provided to the Account Manager to jump start their business through our system.

Each Account Manager will acquire 60% of the profits generated on each transaction that’s not managed by this organization. 40% of the profits generated will be secured to the Global Consultancy Advisory Group. The Account Manager will generate a minimum of $100,000 plus annually through our internal processing.

The Global Consultancy Advisory Group works with professionals and in their industries alike to provide new and innovative strategies and is made up of Account Managers that assist clients to become Transactional Managers and Transactional Lenders to obtain wealth, logistics, financial and trade management against Project Developments, Sales/Acquisitions, Imports/Exports.

Our focus is to create safe alliances between risk and wealth management. We offer a Progressive Management Plan to each client that establishes a Management and Settlement Account. 

You will be connected to a system of financial products and services that provides straight to the point transactions. A system that has no barrier's when it comes to its secure-able assets. Our system will give you access to a streamlined process that runs on an automated system.

The system does 99% of the work for you and 1% is conducted by you. That 1% is you guiding your clients through the process. We are not going to gloat about how much money you're going to make. That amount is determined by you.

Your commission is protected by the Global Consultancy Advisory Group as we are paid for the transactions based on our in-house structure. That means you are required to introduce clients to be managed by our system allowing us to apply our services directly to your introduced clients.

Once you become an Account Manager, you will be able to provide clients direct access to cash and assets secured by your client's capabilities and collateral availability.

What we can tell you is that your income earning potential is unlimited. Earn as little or as much as you see fit. The one thing we will guarantee you is that when you join our team, you will be able to network at your speed.

Yes, there is opportunity with us and it's yours.

Benefits as follows;

1. It will give qualified clients the advantage of acquiring funding and earn 25% monthly to 300% annually without any out-of-pocket expense.

2. Fast, fare funding up to $2,000,000 in 5 days or less with instant cash up to $25,000 same or next day with a $1,000,000 plus credit line.

3. Allow clients to open a Management and Settlement Account to acquire bank instruments as we build their payment history to increase cash advances.

4. Minimize in-house lender risk to clients and allow the client to double their cash advancements subject to qualification.

5. Receive payment reimbursement through client's Management and Settlement Account. This means the Global Consultancy Advisory Group covers the cash advancement once the client has been approved to receive $150,000 plus through our in-house lenders.

Through our hedge financing process, each Account Manager will be able to…

  • Acquire Cash Back Bank Instruments (BG’s, SBLC’s, Bank Drafts & Blocked Funds)
  • Receive 100% Funding (Project Developments, Sales/Acquisitions, Imports/Exports)
  • Offer Loans, Trades & Platforms
  • Offer fast and fare zero down funding solutions to small business owners that allows a small business to receive operational funding in 5 days or less or same or next day to increase Business Improvements. 
  • Provide Self-Directed IMOs to qualified clients to self-direct capital earning 25% monthly to 300% annually in personal income.
  • Provide Loan Repatriations to qualified clients to redirect their loan payments to receive cash back against referrals and early repayments without any penalties.
  • Provide Contract Allocations to clients that require logistics and risk management of goods.
  • Provide Credit Enhancements to clients that require cash back instruments as collateral.

Begin working with clients offering an alternative to conventional financing and to simply put it, help clients build their business and generate personal income. In order to expand this opportunity as well as to compensate you, you must become a partner through us to offer this service.

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