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The G.L.A.M. System

A Global Automated Management System is an interactive response system that connects clients to information by opening a communication link as well as guiding each client to activate a Progressive Management Plan against a Management and Settlement Account.


The P.C.M. System

The Progressive Capital Management System (P.C.M. System) is the fundamental system that connects the financial markets into one location.

The system is designated as the operational conduit that branches out offsetting financial prohibitors creating non-barricaded wealth and transactional management opportunities.

The system offers a Management and Settlement Account that protects the borrowing, lending and trading against risk related transactions. 

The system provides logistics coverage against imports/exports for the life of the contract, financial coverage against project developments, sales/acquisitions for a term of 10 years and wealth management against project developments, sales/acquisitions and imports/exports for a term of 12 months up to 66 months.

If you have experienced risk related transactions and are seeking safer ways to borrow, lend or trade, then it is with great pleasure to assist you with establishing a Management and Settlement Account

It is the nature and integrity of the P.C.M. System to provide comprehensive borrowing, lending and trading strategies to be executed in a safe environment.


The T.M.S. System

The Transactional Management System operates separately or in combination.

Within these guidelines, the Global Consultancy Advisory Group studies the financial markets and its volatility by developing and compiling data on the financial markets and its conditions, working to implement safer strategies without risk exposure and is the embodiment of its operations and management conveyor between its system and fund.

Our system offers wealth, logistics and financial management guaranteeing risk elimination against any risk related transaction. 

We detail ourselves as analytical processors implementing service clarity underlying the basic understanding of borrowing, lending and trading.

The vast production of our operation is not bounded by standard financial methods that restrict its abilities to perform beyond conventional markets. In other words, not limited to the standard limitations of banks and lenders.

Managing and mitigating the unexpected through the Global Consultancy Advisory Group ensures the outcome of what matters most and is the focus of this Global Consultancy Advisory Group's bottom line.

Protecting the transactional risk creates the compilation of knowing how wealth, logistics and financial management is covered.