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Management & Settlement Accounts

The Global Management Center offers a Management and Settlement Account that is established against a Progressive Management Plan that protects the transactional risk associated with project developments, sales/acquisitions, imports/exports and small businesses through its assets and supported by a loan, trade or platform.

Management and Settlement Account mitigates private and public transactional risk to clients and is coursed to provide clients through its integrated structured financial products and services the introduction to a system that has the creativity and innovation to provide loans, trades and platforms

Through a Management and Settlement Account, clients will discover that there is no other system compared that provides a Progressive Management Plan that protects and pays against risk related transactions borrowed, financed or traded.

The client will be connected to a self-sufficient system that stands behind its assets.

Because we are privately operated, we undergo a stringent process that gives confidence to clients to receive effective results and know the difference that will be discovered through the clients loans, trades and platforms.

The client will experience a new kind of system and its Account Manager that will be with his/her clients every step of the way. 

It's the objective of the Global Management Center to combine its creativity and strong innovations by using our strategic methods that automate our process. We are confident in our abilities to meet the daily financial challenges where others succumb to.

Management and Settlement Account

A. Provides a secure passage to clients. This allows clients to borrow, lend or trade against transactional risk without loss. This plan is similar to having money secured by bank regulators however what makes this opportunity attractive is that it operates on a win-win basis.

B. Is for clients that are seeking loans, trades and platforms.

C. Is great for clients who have an eye for placing money into any risk related transaction while mitigating their transactional risk exposure.

D. Helps clients resolve or prevent any cash flow issues against their business and personal income.

E. Provides guaranteed lending protection and wealth management against risk related transactions. It allows the client to obtain residual income without involving the client in the transaction.

F. Is best applied when used in the initial stage against any risk related transaction. This service allows the client to lend against transactional risk throughout the stages until completion and enter into a contractual obligation without doubts or fear of loss.

The Global Management Center is ready to assist clients with establishing a Management and Settlement Account to achieve their loans, trading and platform goals, determine the outcome of their financial agenda as well as create the win-win success because we look forward to seeing our clients in the winning circle. We believe in providing satisfaction through our strong performance by meeting our client's financial agenda.